We put words into action

We have strong values, a performance-oriented culture, and fast-paced decision-making processes. A flat organizational structure empowers everyone to act and take on responsibilities.


Performance culture

At Clipper we treasure initiative and we possess a performance mindset. As an employee, you are encouraged to continuously develop your qualifications. Your manager conducts an annual performance assessment, and together you create a development plan. Activities range from on-the-job-training, development tasks, coaching, in-house courses, job rotation, and external courses to higher education in Denmark and abroad.


We take responsibility for our employees, the industry, the society, and the environment. Clipper’s global guidelines for working conditions, supported by local guidelines, serve as a code of conduct for all employees. The code of conduct ensures that human rights and fundamental working conditions are observed by all. It is important for us that all employees embrace this responsible mindset and take part in our efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

We take our employees’ right to privacy seriously and take every measure possible to protect their personal data from being misused. Our policy on data protection and privacy also applies to employees in countries with no prevailing data protection rules or regulations like GDPR.

Global workplace

Clipper is a truly global workplace with offices around the world and employees of many different nationalities. As an employee, you will work with colleagues from all over the world, and depending on your field of work, you will travel when needed.

Strong values

We are dynamic, dependable, innovative and hands-on. Our collaborative and operational values are deeply rooted throughout the organization. They were instilled by our founder, Torben G. Jensen.

We believe social activities enhance team spirit and collaboration. Activities may differ from country to country, but we make sure they are conducted everywhere.