Dedicated and committed colleagues

Our Dry Bulk Team consists of dedicated employees who are committed to delivering reliable and fully integrated shipping services. Meet a few of our employees below. Find out more about what they do at Clipper and how they bring value to clients.


Steen Hansen, Senior Chartering Manager

“I work with our steel and parceling businesses, so a large part of my job is coordinating the steel shipments we have from Europe to the US Gulf and Mexico and making sure we have the vessels ready at the right time. We ship very valuable steel commodities, mostly for the automotive industry where our clients run on a just-in-time principle. That means they only ship the cargo last minute, right when it is needed in the factory. It takes experience and commitment to cater to those needs, which we at Clipper have because we’ve been in the steel business since 1992.

We ship close to 200,000 tons of steel per month, so to be able to do my job I need to constantly know what the market is like for the routes we serve and what is the availability of ships. The latter also comes with experience. We recently had a pipe shipment booked from the UK to Houston for which we had to find a new ship with only a couple of hours’ notice. We were able to react to that and find a suitable ship to our client’s satisfaction.”


Douglas Luiz da Silva, Operations Manager

“I like to consider myself an Operator with a commercial mindset. When carrying out operations, I always keep the clients in mind and strive to meet their needs. This mentality gives me the flexibility to prioritize clients and their cargoes, work alongside them and involve them in the process. This is important to me, especially after having relocated from Sao Paolo to Houston. I maintain the same close relations and levels of trust with the clients from South America and strive towards building similar relations with clients in North America.

In my daily work, I collaborate closely with the rest of the Bulk Team worldwide to find the most efficient solutions with regards to cleanings, inspections, bunkers, and other operational concerns. Moreover, I regularly communicate with my Chartering colleagues to find new opportunities for employment of a new voyage. I make every effort to provide them with accurate prospects concerning the vessels. Being an operator requires being attentive and open to possibilities. Things happen fast, so having decision-making authority is a great advantage that adds value to both the business and the client.”


Tina Wu, General Manager Parcel Chartering Asia

“I work with our parceling services from the Far East back to the Atlantic, the US Gulf and the Caribbean Sea area; more specifically, I am responsible for planning and preparing the back-haul voyages either for the vessels in our pools or using market tonnage. That means I need to keep informed on what the market is like, what are our targets and which vessels need to be ballasted for the back-hauls to the Atlantic. To do so, collaboration is key; I keep in touch with the charterers about market levels and consult with my colleagues from the other hubs on which cargo is about to be shipped so I can help prepare the voyages.

Teamwork is an essential part of my job. I plan the voyages and do the necessary calculations first, and then we discuss internally and decide how many and what voyages we will book. It’s a great advantage that Clipper has a flat structure; it means I have the authority to take certain decisions that allow me to be more efficient at my job. For example, sometimes our clients change some of their cargo, and suddenly it can no longer be loaded on board. I must be able to come up with solutions in such situations, whether that is finding a substitute cargo or switching from a bigger to a smaller vessel. It is empowering to be able to take charge of your tasks and to know that you are trusted to do so.”