Are you passionate about an international career?

On a regular basis, Clipper offers talented young people positions as Trainees or Interns at our Copenhagen office. We do so to support the overall development of the maritime sector, help gifted young people along, and maintain a partly self-sustainable inflow of employees. From day one they have many challenging tasks and personal responsibilities. Shipping trainees and Interns have excellent career possibilities, a global workplace and expatriation opportunities in Clipper.

For instance, we have recently employed Shipping Trainees from our two-year program and Interns from the International Shipping & Trade education at Copenhagen Business School. Meet some of them here.

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Two-year shipping trainee program

On-the-job training and industry-knowledge

Clipper frequently offers a high-profile, two-year shipping trainee program at our Copenhagen office. The shipping trainee program allows trainees to qualify in the key areas of shipping – chartering and operations – and build knowledge of other parts of the business. The program combines on-the-job training together with the education from the Danish Shipping Academy. Classes include maritime law, maritime economics, ship knowledge, cultural awareness, negotiation, and communication.

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
During the trainee program, you may choose to enroll in the Graduate Diploma Program in Business Administration (HD 1. part) at Copenhagen Business School. This program gives a general introduction to central business-related and financial topics.

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Become an intern at Clipper

Combine your studies with our commercial program

Clipper also offers internships with Copenhagen Business School. Clipper allows Interns to obtain qualifications in the key areas of shipping – Chartering and Operations, combined with knowledge of other parts of the business. At Clipper, you will have excellent career possibilities and Interns are taken seriously. From day one you will have many challenging tasks and personal responsibility. We pride ourselves of our frontline decision making and performance culture, in return we expect you to take charge. Typically you will write your thesis on a subject related to the Clipper business.

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We are currently not employing any new shipping trainees or Interns.

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