To us, diversity means good business

As a global shipping company, it is obvious for us to have an international mindset when it comes to talent engagement and attraction. We encourage candidates with different backgrounds and of different nationalities to join Clipper. We provide equal opportunities for everyone and we always take diversity into account when recruiting and promoting employees.

Diversity creates an innovative and inclusive work environment. Diversity gives us the largest possible recruitment base. It’s simply good business.

Encouraging diversity is also about providing equal opportunities for all candidates and ensuring that the right person is always chosen for the job, based on the person’s capabilities, regardless of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, race or political views.

We have set goals to further develop diversity within Clipper Bulk:

• We want the number of female employees to increase to 33% at the end of 2022
• We want the number of female managers with people responsibility to increase each year
• We want one female member to be nominated to the board of Clipper Group A/S by the end of 2022
• We want the number of nationalities working at Clipper to exceed 10 each year

We have joined Danish Shipping’s charter for more women in shipping. We strive to ensure that there are no barriers within Clipper that hinder women from joining or being promoted due to their gender.