Working at Clipper

Clipper Bulk’s businesses is concentrated in three hubs

Copenhagen, Houston, and Hong Kong, all with fully staffed commercial departments including chartering and operations managers. The three hubs are supported by local representatives in Barranquilla, Oslo, and Rio de Janeiro.

This setup facilitates fast decision-making and short response times, while we are still close to our clients with offices in major shipping centers in four continents. Across offices, our teams work closely together.


Copenhagen is the largest of our three hubs. Most of our business functions are centralized in the Copenhagen office, which serves as headquarters for Clipper Bulk and Clipper Group. In addition to the Commercial Department, HR, Legal, Finance, IT, Administration, and Senior Management are located here. On day to day operations, our team in Copenhagen works in close collaboration with the other hubs.


Clipper has a long-standing history with the city of Houston, opening its first Clipper Americas office here in 1981. Houston has always been an important hub for Clipper, being one of the busiest commercial ports in the USA and offering easy access to North, Central and South America. Today, we have centralized knowledge within bulk, Clipper Steel Services and parcel services in Houston.

Hong Kong

The team in Hong Kong specializes in parcel services, steel cargo as well as back-haul cargoes to the Atlantic. The team nurtures relationships with current clients and explores new business opportunities in the region. Having a local presence in Hong Kong is important for Clipper, as we value being close to our clients. This also allows us to respond to their needs better and faster