1. General information

1.1 This website is owned by Clipper Group. We are concerned with protecting your personal data.

1.2 This policy (the “Personal Data Policy”) describes the personal data concerning you that we collect when you visit our website (the “Website”), when and why we collect the personal data, how we use it, the conditions of our disclosure to third parties, as well as how we secure the stored personal data.

1.3 Please read the Personal Data Policy thoroughly in order to understand how we process your personal data.

  1. Personal data collected directly from you

We collect various personal data about you when you use the Website.

2.1 News subscription

  • We collect you name and email address when you subscribe to our news updates, to be able to send you our newsletters.

2.2 Marketing

  • We use your contact details to send you promotional material, if you have signed up for our newsletter.

2.3 Inquiries

  • When you send an inquiry to us through our contact information, we use the personal data that you have included to answer you.

2.4 Feedback

  • In order to ensure that the services we offer meet your requirements, we may ask for your feedback in the form of surveys, customer satisfaction analysis or market research. Any feedback received from you will only be used for the purpose of improving our services and will not be disclosed.
  1. Duration of storage

3.1 We will store your personal data until it is no longer necessary for us to process it. In certain situations, it may be difficult to confirm the exact period of storage, but the below paragraphs set out the general duration of our processing of your personal data:

3.2 Newsletter registration and marketing consent:

  • Deleted as soon as possible after your deregistration.

3.3 Inquiries from you:

  • Stored until six months after completion of processing.

3.4 Feedback:

  • Stored up to five years after receipt. To the extent possible, we will store your feedback in an anonymous form. We store your data for a long period in order to measure our own performance over time.

3.5 If we have reason to store your personal data as part of the protection of our legitimate interests, including for example in case of legal disputes, we reserve our right to store your personal data for an extended period and as a minimum until the legal dispute has been determined.

  1. Transfer of your personal data

4.1 Clipper is a global company and personal data collected by Clipper through this website may be transferred among our various divisions and affiliated companies around the world located inside or outside the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as to data processors outside of Clipper. By submitting data on this website, you consent to such transfer. Other than to data processors as indicated above Clipper will not transfer your personal data to any third party outside Clipper without the collection of your express prior consent hereto unless obligated to do so under applicable law.

4.2 Clipper takes all appropriate organizational and technical security measures to protect your personal data and has implemented necessary security measures in order to safeguard your data.

  1. Your rights

5.1 You have the right to access the personal data about you that we are processing, as well as to have your personal data updated, rectified or deleted, or to obtain a copy of your personal data. All requests shall be made in writing to Corporate HR & Communication.

5.2 If you want to file a complaint over our processing of your personal data, please contact us directly. If we cannot help you, you can file a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency.

  1. Changes

6.1 We reserve our right to make changes to the Personal Data Policy from time to time.


  1. General information

1.1 We use cookies and other tracking mechanisms (collectively “Cookies”) on the platform in order to improve our services and for targeting of advertisments.

1.2 On your first visit to the website, you will be asked to accept that we place one or more Cookies on your device. Your continued use of the platform constitutes acceptance hereof. You can delete Cookies by following the instructions below.

  1. What are Cookies?

2.1 A Cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. Cookies allow us to:

  1.   a) Recognize you when you visit the platform for the purpose of giving you a more personal experience.
  2.   b) Observe your habits on the website. The better we understand which products you are interested in,              the better our ability to tailor solutions to meet your requirements.
  3.   c) Obtain information about the number of visitors and their behavior.
  4.   d) Improve the performance of the platform.
  5. Our type of Cookies

3.1 We use the following type of Cookies, which you accept:


Cookie name



 _utma,  _utmb,  _utmc,  _utmz Google Analytics cookies. We use analytics software to evaluate user activity on the site. Anonymized information on links, buttons clicked on the site, what pages have been visited and for how long is compiled by Google Analytics and used to help us improve our site and content.

ASP.NET _SessionId The ASP.NET session state is a technology that lets you store server-side, user-specific data. Web applications can use this data to process requests from the user for which the session state was instantiated. A session state user is identified by a session ID.

Text from:

Occasionally, a cookie from Google safe browsing is used, but not always saved:


Cookie name



Nid,Pref Google tracking and safe browsing cookies. Google’s NID and PREF cookies are set by browsers to protect users against known intrusive sites. If you arrive at one of these sites it allows your browser to take action or notify you. Users can stop these cookies being set by turning off their browser’s ‘safe browsing’ mode.

3.2 In addition, we use a number of Cookies that are strictly necessary for the functionality of the platform and thus do not require your consent. Therefore, we always set Cookies that are required for the following features:

  • User-defined browser settings (e.g. country, language or font size)
  • Authentication cookies (verification of user ID for access to secure websites)
  • Media player cookies (network speed or image quality control and video or audio file activation)
  • Social media plugins (share or like features)
  • Load balancing (balancing access to the platform)
  1. Reject or delete cookies

4.1 You can disable Cookies in your browser, including deleting your browser history. See how at

4.2 If you choose to block or delete our Cookies, you might not be able to access certain feautres on the platform, which may affect how the platform works.

4.3 You can always reject Cookies by changing the settings of your browser.

  1. Changes

5.1 We reserve the right in our sole discretion to amend and/or delete this privacy and cookie policy at any time without providing prior notice to you. We will post the changes to this current version of this privacy and cookie policy on the website.

  1. Personal data

6.1 Our website is intended for a general audience and we only collect information about name, postal address, email address, other contact information, age, interests, gender, and other personal data when you make it available to us.

Any personal data made available to Clipper Group will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Clipper Group without your consent unless permitted or required under applicable legislation.

  1. Emails from you to us

7.1 When you email us or sign up for any email subscription, we may keep a record of that correspondence and/or your email address included any data submitted by means of such a message.

  1. Contact information
    In case you have questions about our Cookie Policy, please contact Corporate HR & Communication.